Wewon™ Industrial Benchtop Muffle Furnace Price: $1500 ~ $2500

There has two types industrial benchtop muffle furnace from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Type one is the basic benchtop muffle furnace with ashing furnace, microwave muffle furnace design, Type two is the ceramic fiber muffle furnace has the heating coil for heating purpose !
The benchtop muffle furnace, Muffle means wrapped, Small benchtop muffle furnace is a kind of universal heating equipment, which can be divided into test room furnace, tube furnace and crucible furnace according to its appearance.

● When Wewon™ industrial benchtop muffle furnace be used for the first time or used again after stopping for a long time, It must be oven drying: baking in 20 ~ 200 ℃ to open the oven door 2 to 3 hours, 200 ~ 600 ℃ closed drying 2-3 hours.
● Before use benchtop industrial furnace, Please adjust the temperature controller to the required working temperature, turn on the start code to energize the muffle furnace. At this time, the ammeter reading is generated, and the measured temperature value of the temperature controller gradually rises, indicating that the benchtop muffle furnace and the thermostat are working normally.
● The working environment requires no inflammable, explosive and corrosive gas, and it is prohibited to directly pour various liquids and molten metal into the furnace, so as to keep the muffle furnace clean.


● The temperature of the benchtop muffle furnace shall not exceed the maximum temperature during operation, nor shall it work for a long time under the rated temperature. During the test, the user shall not leave, and pay attention to the change of temperature at any time. If abnormal conditions are found, the power shall be cut off immediately and repaired by professional maintenance personnel.
● The door of the benchtop industrial furnace should be closed and opened to prevent damage to the parts. The crucible tongs should be handled lightly to ensure safety and avoid damage to the muffle furnace. Do not open the door after the temperature exceeds 600 degrees. Open the muffle furnace door after the temperature in the furnace cools naturally.
● After the test has been finished, the sample should be removed from the heating and the power supply should be turned off. When the sample is placed in the muffle furnace, the door should be opened slightly. After the sample is cooled a little, the sample should be carefully clamped to prevent burns.
● The heated crucible should be transferred to the dryer for cooling, and placed on the buffer refractory to prevent moisture absorption blasting, cracking and after weighing. When carrying muffle furnaces, avoid serious resonance and place away from inflammable, explosive, water and other materials. It is strictly prohibited to carry the muffle furnace door to avoid damage.

Wewon™ industrial benchtop muffle furnace


Model #Test Room (H*W*D)mmExternal Dimension (H*W*D)mmOperating Voltage (V)Power (KW)Temperature Range ℃
WE-S2-2.5-1080*120*200580*400*575220V2.5RT+50~ +900℃
WE-S2-4.0-10120*200*300550*460*630220V4RT+50~ +900℃
WE-S2-8.0-10160*250*400610*580*720380V8RT+50~ +900℃
WE-S2-12-10200*300*500690*610*870380V12RT+50~ +900℃



The electric furnace is composed of furnace shell, furnace lining, heating element and temperature controller.
The furnace shell is welded by the platen assembly, high – temperature paint for external use. It is welded by folding edges.
The furnace lining is made of advanced ceramic fiber material with good insulation effect and low heat loss.
The ceramic fiber board and ceramic fiber are filled between the lining and the furnace shell, which reduces the temperature of the furnace meter and reduces the weight of the furnace body.
The heating element adopts high quality resistance wire, which is specially treated to reduce the heat loss between furnace lining.
The heating rate is fast, which is 1/3 of the original muffle furnace and the original power is greatly reduced, which achieves the effect of energy saving.
The temperature measurement is made by special customized thermocouple with high temperature resistance, which is inserted in the back of the electric furnace and fixed by a fixed seat.
Oven door by the hinge connecting fixed on the furnace shell casing, oven door is made of high quality produced by the whole piece of ceramic materials, heat insulation effect is good.
The temperature control meter adopts intelligent program meter (30-section program), and the temperature control meter has PID self-setting function
The user can set the heating time and keeping time by himself. Electric element adopts silicon controlled, high temperature control precision.
The electric furnace is an integral structure, and the heat sink is provided by special treatment to prevent high temperature.
To ensure the long – term use of the door deformation, but also can quickly cool down the furnace shell temperature.
Construction Introduce



Control Mode: Adopt 30-50 section program temperature control intelligent PID regulation, with fuzzy control and instrument self-setting function, realize automatic temperature rise, automatic temperature drop, without manual duty.
Data Display: LED digital display instrument can clearly and accurately reflect timely data. (intelligent touch screen instrument can be selected to display the rise and fall curve in real time. Data can be stored and exported.)
Benchtop Muffle Furnace Materials: High purity alumina microcrystalline fiber, no powder, uniform temperature field, good insulation performance.
Heating Element: High quality heating element, fast heating, low energy consumption, advanced technology, durable.
Temperature Control Table
According to the size of the muffle furnace, adopt three-side heating to guarantee the temperature uniformity in the furnace.
The muffle furnace adopts light ceramic fiber forming, which reduces the weight by 2/3 compared with the traditional muffle furnace, increases the heating speed by one time, saves energy greatly, and increases the life by four times.
Temperature is controlled by 30-50 section programmable thermostat, which is highly intelligent and easy to operate.
The furnace body is beautiful in shape and adopts internal and external double-layer air cooling structure. When the furnace is working at high temperature, the surface of the furnace shell is kept at low temperature to avoid damaging the operators
Performance Improvement:
Shell structure: double layer furnace body, equipped with air cooling system, to ensure equipment operation, the shell of furnace body close to normal temperature, to avoid accident.
Temperature control safety: it has the functions of over-temperature protection, break-off protection and leakage protection, and the equipment operation is safe and reliable.
Energy saving effect: high energy saving, only need 40% power when keeping heat.
Security and Protection



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For the classification of muffle furnace, it can be classified according to its heating element, rated temperature and controller, as below mentioned:
Divided by heating elements are: electric wire muffle furnace, silicon carbon bar muffle furnace, silicon molybdenum bar muffle furnace;
According to the rated temperature to distinguish generally divided into: muffle furnace under 1000 ℃|1000 ℃, 1200 ℃ muffle furnace|1300 ℃, 1400 ℃ muffle furnace|1600 ℃, 1700 ℃ muffle furnace|1800 ℃ muffle furnace.
According to the controller, there are the following: pointer table, ordinary digital display table, PID control table, program control table.
According to heat preservation material differentiates to have: common fire brick and ceramic fiber muffle furnace.
Product Categories
1. Hot working, processing of industrial workpiece, cement, building material industry, hot working or processing of small workpiece.
2. Pharmaceutical Industry: Used for testing drugs, pretreatment of medical samples, etc.
3. Analytical Chemistry: Sample treatment as water quality analysis, environmental analysis, etc. It can also be used for oil and its analysis.
4. Coal Analysis: For the determination of water, ash, volatile, ash fusion point analysis, ash composition analysis, element analysis. It can also be used as a general incinerator.
Range of Application



The control panel is equipped with an intelligent temperature regulator, which controls power switch, main heating operation/stop button, voltage, ammeter and computer interface, so as to observe the working status of the system at any time.
Wewon™ industrial benchtop muffle furnace use reliable integrated circuit, anti-jamming, high temperature furnace shell temperature 45 ℃ or less greatly improving the working environment and microcomputer program control.
Industrial benchtop muffle furnace with fully automatic heating/cooling, temperature control parameters and procedures can be modified in operation, flexible, convenient and easy to operate.
Temperature control precision: + / – 1 ℃|Constant temperature accuracy: + / – 1 ℃|The heating rate is fast, and the fastest heating rate is 45/min.
The furnace materials are all made of high pure alumina poly-light materials, with high temperature, low heat storage, fast heat and cold resistance, no cracks, no slag, and good insulation performance (the energy saving effect is more than 60% of the old electric furnace).
Wewon™ industrial benchtop muffle furnace structure is reasonable, inner and outer double shell, air cooling and heat dissipation can shorten the test period greatly.
Advantages Notification


benchtop muffle furnace


Beautiful appearance and humanized design.
The temperature control meter adopts microcomputer to control temperature with high precision and easy operation.
Heating element adopt imported element, heating speed is fast, energy saving.
Ceramic fiber insulation, quality light insulation performance.
No maintenance, low follow-up cost.
The special structure of the furnace door can protect the furnace station from deformation and reduce the temperature of the furnace door. Domestic leading level.
All the conductors of the electric furnace are fully connected without installation.
Product Features



After opening the package, check whether Wewon™ industrial benchtop muffle furnace is intact and the accessories are complete.
General muffle furnace does not require special installation, only flat on the floor or on the shelf.
The controller should avoid vibration and should not be placed too close to the electric furnace to prevent the internal components from working normally due to overheating.
There are thermocouples inserted in muffle furnace 20-50mm, the gap between the hole and thermocouple is filled with asbestos rope.
Connect the thermocouple to the control system preferably with compensation wires (or insulated steel cored wires). Pay attention to the positive and negative poles.
Additional power switches need to be installed at the lead-in of the power line to control the total power supply. In order to ensure safe operation, Industrial benchtop muffle furnace and controller must be grounded reliably.
Adjust the thermometer indicator to zero before use this tabletop muffle furnace.
When using compensation lead and cold end compensator, adjust the mechanical zero to the reference temperature of cold end compensator.
When the compensation wire is not used, the mechanical zero is adjusted to zero scale, but the indicated temperature is the temperature difference between the measurement point and the cold end of the thermocouple.
After the connection is confirmed correct, cover the controller enclosure.
Adjust the setting pointer of the temperature indicator to the required operating temperature, and then switch on the power.
Turn on the power switch, at this time, the green light on the temperature indicator instrument will be on, the relay will start to work, the benchtop muffle furnace will be energized, and the ammeter will show current.
With the rise of internal temperature of benchtop 1100°C muffle furnace, the temperature indicating instrument pointer also rises gradually, which indicates that the system works normally.
The temperature of industrial benchtop muffle furnace and fixed temperature are respectively indicated by the traffic light of temperature indicator. Green light means temperature rise and red light means fixed temperature.
Installation Instructions

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