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What is the climatic chamber test purpose ? Climatic Chamber used to test environment temperature suddenly changes impact on test item’s performance. When you are processing a climati chamber test, the temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator is lower than the pipe outside air temperature, heat from the air will spread to the refrigerant, the heat transfer is continuous. To facilitate interpretation, we divided it into two parts: the convection and heat conduction.

Climatic chamber how it works ? Climatic chamber used in a specific area, Products are subject to extreme temperature changes on a regular basis. For example : (1) Electronic equipment on the aircraft taking off from the desert airport and rising to high altitude, missile, photoelectric equipment and bombs in bomb silo. (2) Products dropped from high altitude to desert areas. (3) Products transferred from indoor to outdoor in the arctic region.

The convection in the climatic chambers : The heat in the air is transferred to the wall of the evaporator tube. The heat conduction is basically realized by convection. The heat is transferred from the air to the wall of the evaporator through the pipe to the refrigerant, which is mostly realized by heat conduction.

climatic chamber

Model #TH-064TH-080TH-150TH-225TH-408TH-800TH-1000
Test Volume64L80L150L225L408L800L1000L
Temperature Range-60℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +180℃-70℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +180℃ (200℃)-70℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +150℃ (180℃)
Humidity Range20%~ 95%10%~ 95%10%~ 95%10%~ 98%10%~ 95%10%~ 95%10%~ 98%
Temp Uniformity±0.5~ ±0.7℃±0.5~ ±0.8℃±0.5~ ±1.0℃±0.5~ ±1.0℃±0.5~ ±1.5℃±1.0~ ±2.0℃±1.0~ ±2.0℃
Heating Rate2℃~ 3℃/min2℃~ 5℃2℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃
Cooling Rate1℃~ 2℃/min1℃~ 2℃1℃~ 2℃1.5℃~ 2℃1.5℃~ 2℃2℃~ 3℃2℃~ 3℃
CompressorTecumseh (France)Bizter (Germany)Tecumseh (France)Bizter (Germany)Tecumseh (France)Bizter (Germany)Tecumseh (France)
Noise Level (dB)50505555606060
Power Supply220V?±10%230V?±10%50Hz, 60Hz380V?±10%400V?±10%50Hz, 60Hz380V?±10%
Gross Weight225280350425485650770

The power supply of the climatic chamber design is three-phase five-wire system. The cable of the benchtop climatic chamber is four-core wire, three-phase wire and one zero-line. Please note that the zero-line can be distinguished. Because the partial load of the climatic chamber and the control system are single-phase, connecting the wrong zero line will cause the climate chamber design not to work and damage.

climatic chamber

How often should climatic chamber manufacturer process the maintenance work ? What are the usual maintenance for the climatic chamber ? Maintenance requirements must be carried out every year under professional maintenance. Such as filter cleaning, screen cleaning, electrical components and power lines inspection.

1. The condenser is stuck on dirt can make compressor high pressure switch jump off and produce false alarm, According to this, Vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dust attached on the condenser heat release screen monthly or use a high pressure nozzle to blow out the dust.

2. The ground at the bottom where park the climatic chamber should be kept clean at all times to avoid accidents or debasement of climatic chamber due to dust inhalation into the unit. When opening and closing doors or taking samples from the climatic test chamber, Do not make the test sample touch the door seal.

3. Check the refrigerating system annually — the freezing system once a year, check whether there is leakage of copper pipe, whether there is any leakage of each joint and interface, if so, please inform the climatic chamber manufacturer.

climatic chamber design works by engineers from Wewon's Research and Development Dept

4. The humidifier and water tank should be cleaned frequently to avoid scale and steam emission. Generally, it is necessary to clean the humidifier every time the test is completed. Removing scale in time is conducive to extending the life of the humidifier tube and ensuring the smooth flow of water. Wash with a brush and then rinse with water.

5. Electronic circuits should be cleaned and maintenance more than once a year, the loose node will be the whole equipment in a dangerous state of work. Wet and dry bulb gauze should be checked frequently. If the gauze becomes hard or dirty, replace it in time. It is recommended to replace it once every 3 months.

6. Water circulation system cleaning, water filter cleaning, filter replacement, check the operation of the pump, including whether the water flow switch is in good operation, regulating water circulation flow, test operation.

The 9 point temperature testing for climatic chamber

7. The stored water in the humidifier should be replaced once a month to ensure the water quality is clean and the flow is smooth. When the test sample is taken out after the time is up, the power of climatic chamber must be shut down and the staff must wear dry, electricity-proof and moisture-resistant gloves.

8. Supplement refrigerant according to working conditions: Check whether the system refrigerant needs to be supplemented to ensure effective refrigeration power. Inspection of vulnerable parts of refrigeration system: Check the sealing condition of compressor and connecting components, and replace all filters.

9. Power supply voltage: The voltage in the working environment for the climatic test chamber must be stable. If the voltage is not stable, the current will be too large or too small. Running in this situation for a long time will cause great damage to the compressor.


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Failure Alarm Function for Climatic Chamber Testing : We know that the climatic chamber has a variety of fault alarm functions, each fault alarm has the corresponding code, such as water shortage alarm, over temperature alarm, etc., the following for you to introduce the climatic chamber of various fault alarm functions.

1. Compressor Overcurrent Protection Fault: If you encounter this kind of failure, you should first check whether the transition protection relay of the compressor has small adjustment or the fan of the heat dissipation of the compressor is broken. If there are these faults, please call the climatic chamber manufacturer for technical support.

2. Water Shortage Alarm: This type of failure may be caused by a lack of water in the tank, Just fill the tank with enough water, Then problem solved. But the water in the tank must be clean water or distilled water, and probably just because long time no and tank cleaning make the floating ball stuck inside the cylinder cannot rise, please put the tank clean until the floating ball can free up and down is better.

3. Humidification Overtemperature Protection Fails: This kind of failure may be caused by the lack of water in the humidifying cylinder and the over-temperature adjustment, which leads to improper adjustment. Generally, the adjustment range is from +120 ℃ to +150℃. If there is water shortage in the humidifier, please check the water level of the humidifier in time.

4. High Temperature Fault Alarm: Temperature humidity chamber specifications. If the temperature rises slowly, check to see if the air circulation system’s damper is open. If the temperature is too high, the PID parameter setting should be adjusted. Failure alarm code for climatic test chamber, Please refer the below excel form.

How to Solve the Problem ?Troubleshooting and ProblemsFailure Alarm Code
Replace Fan and Problem has been SolvedFan broken, Temperature out of ControlDI2: DRY HEAT
Cleaning and unclogging water pipesAbnormal humidity caused by Blocked Water PipesDI3: WET HEAT
1. Clean Condenser
2. Leakage Refrigerant (inform the manufacturer for maintenance)
High Voltage ProtectionDI4: R23 H
1. Cleaning the Condenser by your engineers
2. Leakage Refrigerant (talk to your supplier for maintenance)
Compressor 1 Overcurrent ProtectionDI5: REF ERR1
1. Clean Condenser
2. Refrigerant Leakage Problem ( Please inform the climatic chamber supplier for replace or maintenance work)
Over-current Protection of Compressor 2DI6: REF ERR2
1. Check whether the tank is short of water, if so, please add more water (over 2/3) than 10L
2. Replace the Pump
Water tank is short of water and the pump is brokenDI7: WATER RPE
1. Check whether the under-phase or anti-phase installation and the power supply are normal
2. Lack of Phase: Check whether the line is caused by broken line, if so, please repair.
3. Inverting Phase: Check whether the circuit is connected incorrectly during installation. Please adjust the position of the two adjacent power cables to eliminate the problem.
Underphase Sequence of Power SupplyDI8: NO POWER

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