Electrodynamic Shaker System for Shock and Vibration Testing

Electrodynamic shaker named vibration shaker, electrodynamic shaker system as well. Electrodynamic shaker system is mainly used for products shock and vibration environment test, environmental stress screening test, reliability test. For the purpose of potential failure analysis, pcb electric board, mobile phone chip, aerospace equipment, military aircraft, bullet train and automotive parts, tanks and other heavy weapons and equipment is inseparable from the performance of the electrodynamic shaker system test.

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. focusing on the development and manufacturing of electrodynamic shaker system for shock and vibration testing. Wewon has gathered a group of professional design and manufacturing talents in the industry, integrating mature experience and installation ability of mechanical environment simulation test equipment of special specifications.

Electrodynamic Shaker System for Shock and Vibration Testing

Electromagnetic Excitation Generator1 UnitVibration Table Body Structure
Cooling Fan (Including Silencer)1 Unit
Vertical Extension Platform 300mm*300mm1 Unit
Digital Switching Power Amplifier1 UnitDigital Switching Power Amplifier
Servo Protection System1 Unit
Excitation Power Supply1 Unit
Digital Vibration Controller Host1 UnitDigital Vibration Controller
System Acceleration Sensor1 Unit
Control Computer1 Unit
Control Software Installation CD1 Unit
Extend the Cable and Air Duct1 UnitSpare Parts List Notification
Operation Instruction|Inspection Report1 Unit
Subsidiary Special Tool1 Unit
Vibrating Pressure Bar|Bead Clamp1 Unit
Cushioning Airbags1 Unit

Horizontal Table and Shaker

Vertical Extension Platform︱The extension platform is usually used as a platform for larger mounting specimens, which can be square or round or user-defined. In order to reduce the influence of dynamic characteristics of the expansion platforms, all the expansion platforms must be modeled and analyzed for their modal frequencies. These expansion platforms are generally made of magnesium alloy casting and attached with damping materials.

Photoelectric Automatic Alignment System of Electrodynamic Shaker System for Shock and Vibration Testing︱Automatically adjust the position of the moving coil to keep it in balance. The automatic alignment system ensures that the moving coil is always in the center during loading and unloading.

Maximum Load Versus Acceleration: F=M.AWewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.
Maximum Load120 kg
Vibration Isolation Frequency2.5 Hz
Moving Coil DiameterФ150 mm
The quality of Moving Coil3kg
Countertop Screw13×M8
Magnetic Leakage<10gauss
Machine Body Size750mm×560mm×670mm
Platform Body Weight560Kg

Slip Table︱The horizontal sliding platform design has higher overturning moment and lateral limit. This design concept, combined with standard horizontal sliding platform devices, has a high dynamic torque limit while maintaining the guiding oil film damping characteristics. The horizontal sliding table is composed of slide plate, connector, natural granite plate, horizontal sliding table base and independent oil source.

Manufacturer  Department of Electrodynamic Shaker System

Maximum Sinusoidal Excitation Force300Kg.f peak
Maximum Impact Excitation Force600Kg.f peak
Maximum Random Excitation Force300Kg.f r.ms
Frequency Range︱Excitation Generator1~4000 Hz
Maximum Displacement38mm p-p
Maximum Speed︱Vibration Shaker2m/s
Maximum Acceleration100G (980 m/s2)

The electrodynamic shaker is equipped with cast-machined moving coil, electro-pneumatic load support system and double bearing axial guidance. Dual bearing steering is a unique feature, In the process of vibration test, it is helpful to reduce the dynamic cross and rotation of axial direction, superior durability.Moving Coil
Adopt double magnetic circuit structure with low magnetic leakage and even magnetic field. Type of test for electrodynamic shaker system: Sine sweep, Random, Shock. Frequency Range: 2-4000Hz.Magnet Exciting Coil
High force dynamic vibration shaker Adopting advanced phosphating treatment and automobile baking technology, it has the function of long-term wear and rust prevention.Machine Body Surface

Electrodynamic Shaker System for Shock and Vibration Testing

Output Power4KVADigital Switching Power Amplifier
Output Voltage100V
Output Current30A
Size of Power Amplifier720mm×545mm×1270mm
Platform MaterialAluminum-magnesium alloyVertically Extending Platform
Table Size300 mm×300 mm
Fixed Hole PositionM8 stainless steel screw sleeve, wear – resistant
Upper Limit Frequency2000 Hz

Stage System Cold︱Complete vibration test system adopt the low-noise fan to improve the air inlet structure of the platform body, adopt the magnetic ring in the honeycomb wind duct to adopt the double-layer shunt wind duct for the excitation coil, adopt the new wind duct design to enhance the cooling effect.

The Fully Introduction of Vibration Testing Equipment Performance : Wewon’s Vibration Testing Equipment: EV210H0808VCSusb-E
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Vibration Shaker System for Shock and Vibration Test︱Vibration and Shock Environmental Test︱Electrodynamic Vibration System

Servo Protection System︱The protection function for electrodynamic shaker system is complete, with the power module of power network overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of phase logic fault, direct over-temperature output, over-current output, over-voltage drive, power station body over-displacement, temperature external linkage, etc

Weson's Workshop of Electrodynamic Shaker System for Shock and Vibration Testing

The vibration and shock environmental test is one that excites or shocks a part or device to see how it reacts in the real world. Shaker tables for vibration testing are used in a wide range of industrial products, from circuit boards to airplanes, ships, rockets, missiles, automobiles and household appliances.

Wewon Tech has developed independent intellectual property rights: vibration testing system, electrodynamic shaker, impact testing machine, electrodynamic vibration shaker, shock and vibration testing shaker and other products. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. will provide you with the whole exciting and testing solution, and according to national and international standards, such as GB, GJB, UL, JIS, DIN, ISO, BS, MIL, IEC and ASTM, etc., to prove the quality of products for you.

adobe-pdf-logoUL 1642 Standard for Lithium Batteries|UL Standard for Safety for Lithium Batteries, UL1642 Fitth Edition Dated March 13, 2012
adobe-pdf-logoUL 2054 Household and Commercial Batteries|UL Standard for Safety for Household and Commercial Batteries, UL2054 Second Edition, Dated October 29, 2004
adobe-pdf-logoUN38.3 Lithium Metal and Lithium-ion Batteries|Part 3: Proposal for dangerous goods transport – test and standard manual
adobe-pdf-logoCEI IEC 62133 Secomdary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes – Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells, and for batteries made from them, for use in portable applicaeions
adobe-pdf-logoCEI IEC 62281 Safety of primary and secondary lithium cells and batteries during transport|The safety requirements in transport of Lithium battery and battery
adobe-pdf-logoCEI IEC 60086-1 Primary batteries-Part 1: General|Galvanic Cell Part 4 the Security Requirements of Lithium-ion Batteries

Electrodynamic Shaker System Control System

Characteristics of Electrodynamic Shaker Control System︱Electrodynamic Shaker System for Shock and Vibration Testing:

● High Performance and Reliability

The closed-loop control is realized by DSP processor, and the PC is independent of the control loop, which guarantees the real-time and efficient control system, timely and fast response to any changes in the test system, and ensures the reliability and high precision of the control. All input channels have a 24-bit resolution ADC, low-noise hardware design, and built-in analog and digital anti-aliasing filters, effectively ensuring high precision analysis.

● Simplicity of Operation Performance

The application software for vibration shaker table based on Windows is easy to operate and rich in auxiliary functions. The vibration testing and shaker testing system’s powerful autowizards and automated test report generation make repetitive and boring test tasks easy. The testing parameters are rich and rigorous, and the USB2.0 interface makes it more closely connected to the computer.

Comprehensive Environmental Vibration and Shock Test Chamber︱The Feature of Wewon Comprehensive Vibration Test Chamber
Features of AGREE Chamber – Temp Humidity Vibration Chamber︱Combined Climatic & Vibration Testing Technical Requirements

● Powerful Functionality and Flexibility

Electrodynamic shaker system’s controller a powerful vibration control platform, can complete a number of complex tasks. On the same hardware platform, different applications can be configured to complete a variety of analysis tasks to meet your different test analysis needs. The vibration shaker controller adopts modular design, which can configure the corresponding hardware and software according to the different needs of users to meet the different needs of users.

● Test Safety︱Electrodynamic Shaker

Electrodynamic shaker system’s controller can provide small magnitude signal control to get a preview of system vibration control. This method can help test engineers determine the noise level in advance and understand the transfer function and other characteristics of the system roughly, There are also a number of security checks and interlock Settings to ensure maximum safety of testers, test objects and electrodynamic vibration system. If the shaker vibration system is abnormal, you can immediately press the built-in termination key to end the test.

● The Test Report Generate Very Easy

Support one-click quick generation of word format or PDF format test report function, You only need to click the report generation button to get the current trial results. From the basic test control function description to the specific test setting parameters, from the control target spectrum curve to the test time and frequency domain curve. Horizontal table and shaker is convenient for you to modify and make according to different test report specifications. It can print directly and print preview, and it can be sent online.

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