ESS Chamber

ESS Chamber,Which is mainly do the environmental stress screen testing work. The temperature rapidly change with a cycle ways, plus an additional humdity test features, It’s a good way to ciphen out early life failures from design or manufacturing errors.

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Regarding the ESS chamber, We have some solution for oversea customers which used for the automotive components industry. Here are some technical parameters for ESS chamber which request for the automotive components industry, for your reference. I hope you like it.

ESS chamber

Model #WEW-TH-10-0500-ESSWEW-TH-15-0500-ESSWEW-TH-10-1000-ESSWEW-TH-25-1000-ESS
Interior Capacity (L)500L500L10001000
Interior- SizeW mm80080010001000
D mm80580510001000
H mm80080010001000
Exterior SizeW mm1250125018501850
D mm1850185022502250
H mm1900190021502150
(Temperature +Humidity Model) Heating Rate10℃/min10℃/min10℃/min25℃/min
(Temperature +Humidity Model) Cooling Rate10℃/min15℃/min10℃/min20℃/min
Cooling Water Flow (m3/h)–5.0–6.5–9.012.0
Temperature Range-70℃~+180℃
Relative Humidity Range+10℃~+90℃ 10%~98%RH
Dew Point Range+5℃~+85℃
Temperature Fluctuation≤±0.5℃
Temperature Uniformity≤2℃, (Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Copyright)
Temperature Deviation≤±2℃
Humidity Deviation≤±2.5%RH
(Temperature Model) Heating Rate10℃/min15℃/min10℃/min25℃/min
(Temperature Model) Cooling Rate10℃/min15℃/min10℃/min25℃/min
Maximum Current (T/TH) (A)40608099
Maximum Power (T/TH) (KW)22324055
Inspection WindowMultilayer glasses with conducting film heating, size W450mmxH500mm
CondenserWater-Cooled Condenser; Cooling Type : Water Cooling System
Exterior Humidifying Water SupplyManually water supply to humidification water tank or self-feeding by town water
Operation Environment+15~+30℃/≤85%RH
Control ModeOYO 9625 (7 inches) Independent PID regulation of consecutive cooling and heating capacity
Humidifying Water RecyclingMultistage water purification device and water recycling, reducing water consumption
Standard ConfigurationThe ESS Chamber Equip with wheels (4 pcs)
Cable port with silicon plug Φ50mmx1
Internal lighting (LED)
One shelf with 3 layers inside
Air cooled condenser
USB interface for direct documentation or printer connection
Power Supply: AC 380V 50, 60Hz, 3 phase+N+PE
Accessories AdditionalTransformer for ESS Chamber – 1 set
PC Software for control, monitoring and data recording
Ethernet interface for communicating with PC software
Test space wall, Test space floor: SUS304, External: Double coated galvanized steel sheet
Cable port with silicone plug : 2 sets (Dia. 50mm and 120mm or bigger for each side)
ESS Chambers Door, Manual, lockable door
Control panel to check current status and activate lamp-on.
Sound level : 75 dB or less (at 1m distance in front of the system)
Digital Customer I/O4 digital outputs for control of user-provided devices
4 digital inputs for feedback of user-provided devices
Test space illumination
Adjustable circulating air volume for test space
Specimen/ Samples protection
Safety temperature limiter
High temperature protection of humification device
Software temperature limiter for ESS Chamber
Permanently memorized overheating thermostat for heater
Simultaneous documentation of images and measured data
Note 1:Average speed between highest and lowest temperature(without load and heat dissipation according to IEC60068-3-5)
Note 2:All the above specifications are measured at +20℃ ~ +25℃ room temperature and the sensors are installed at blow-out of air conditioning unit.


ESS Chamber is a family name actually, In fact, Environmental stress screening chamber (ESS chamber) are also known as Burn-in, AST (Accelerated Stress Testing), HALT (Highly Accelerated Stress Test), or HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening). There many different solutions, But with a same idea: create a test program that allows you to eliminate the infant mortality of your product.

Do you know the AGREE chamber as well, AGREE Chamber means the department of defense Advisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment, If you need these type combined environmental test chambers, ess chambers, Please contact us as well. Thank you.

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