Technical Support Guidance for Environmental Chambers

Buy an environmental test chamber from China is a very smart idea, Because your local environmental chambers supplier supply you a very high price. Some European suppliers import the cooling parts, accessories parts from China and assembly them in Europe, and named their equipment made in Europe finally. But for my opinion, It’s still a China product but with an expensive Europe price. It’s not an Europe product actually !
The most worry for European customer to buy an environmental test chamber from China is the technical support ! They are worry about the installation work and maintenance service. In fact, There no need worry about these issues at all, Let me explain how we support the European customers here ! Hope you like it !
-After Service. How does it works from Wewon ?
Feedback: During the shipment, We will prepare the user manual to teach the customer how to operate the Wewon Environmental Test Chambers. Meanwhile, We support customer via remote access and a technical conference meeting via Ethernet. Then we make a face to face communicate, The technical questions can be solved there shortly ! And everything seems so simple, Right ?  Below is an example !

Technical Support - Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

The Perfect Service From Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd :
Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. introduce ourself to you as the efficient partner for manufacturing, sales and service for installations for environmental test chambers. The Service Support Dept from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. offers complete engineering and technical support, prompt emergency service, remote installation, remote maintenance services and more. 
Maintenance Service: A regular maintenance ensures a permanent operating readiness of your device. This means avoiding high repair costs and longer downtimes. The observance of the performance parameters is checked.
Full Service: This contract ensures the maximum during the utilization period for your devices thanks to regular checking, maintenance and testing. Frankly to say, The fully checking system will make your environmental test chamber with safe guarantee.
Upgrade and Modification Service: Installation of additional options in your existing installation. These works should be done in Wewon’s factory. The cooling system should shipping to Wewon’s factory by your logistic dept.
Change/ Replace a new controller (JAPAN OYO): Older devices may be enhanced if we replaced a new Japan OYO control unit. Normally, We will prepare our technician people visit your plant and doing the maintenance work there or shipping your environmental chamber to Wewon’s factory for a full service. It’s up to your choice !
Thanks for sending your enquiry directly to WEWON. We appreciate you kindness and try our best to give you a best service/ support for sure !
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